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Protect your home.
Avoid property fraud.

Our home protection plan will prevent criminals from gaining access to your most valuable asset. Real estate fraud isn’t something that only happens in the movies. It’s a real threat to homeowners regardless of your home’s value. Criminals want to get their hands on your home’s equity, and all they need to do this is to gain access to your home’s title. Fortunately, with title theft protection you never have to worry about this happening to you. Our protection plan safeguards your home’s title and equity, so you will know that what you’ve worked hard to have is always protected.

Criminals can remove you from your home’s title and target homeowners’ equity. Don’t wait to start your protection.

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Protect your home.
Avoid Property Fraud.

Criminals can remove you from your home’s title,
target homeowners equity, don’t wait to start your protection.

Try our Risk Free Membership from $10/month

65% of title claims are fraud-related. Protect your home now.


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Why You Need to Protect Your Home

Property fraud is a huge thing right now, and it’s important to keep an eye on your property for fraud. Step up your protection by monitoring your property for all newly filed documents, and even more importantly, understanding the documents filed.

Thieves are Working Online

Thieves are
working online

Expert criminals are working around the clock. Our expert agents are working against them.

Banks and Insurance Policies

Banks and insurance
policies don’t protect you

Monitoring your property is your first line of defense against property fraud.


You need to be alerted
as soon as possible

Earlier detection is critical; every minute is valuable when someone is trying to take what is yours.

We Can Help You
Protect Your Home

Protect your biggest and most important investment, your home, for yourself and your family.

  • Title fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Foreclosure and home equity fraud
  • Online sale scams
  • Mail and wire fraud

Services That We Offer

In the United States, property title fraud, another form of identity theft, is a rapidly growing white-collar crime. Sometimes called deed fraud, this crime can cause serious problems for a property owner. One issue is the unlawful transfer of ownership of property. A criminal forges a property owner’s identity. They then transfer the property into their name. Finally, they officially file a new deed. Suddenly, on paper, you no longer own your home. Unless a property owner performs a property title search, the fraud can go undetected for quite some time. When you’re a victim of house stealing, it’s difficult to wrap your head around what’s happened. We offer home title monitoring to detect fraud early on. We also provide you with a property fraud alert when we notice unusual activity.

Property Monitoring and Reports

Property Monitoring & Reports

We furnish a detailed monthly property report card with updates from the previous month. We list new documents filed on the customer’s property. The report also includes a description of every new document filed and explains the purpose of each one.

Fraud Resolution Services

Fraud Resolution

If we detect fraud, we offer consultation and resolution services.

Consultation Services


Clients have access to title professionals for information regarding their monthly report cards.

Educational Services


Our company provides educational services. We provide in-depth descriptions of documents recorded against your property. Also included is a list of document types and the impact they have on your property.

How Secure Title Lock Works

We research county and courthouse records monthly to give you a detailed report of newly recorded documents. With our library of documents and staff, we are here to help you understand the various documents. If needed, we use our in-house legal team to resolve the matter.

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must be a current member at the time of fraud.

Property Title Protection

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Secure Title Lock was created as a protection and resource to homeowners throughout the country. We provide title searches for individuals seeking to purchase homes in foreclosure. The researchers who monitor your property understand the importance of home title protection. They each have years of experience investigating and reporting on home title fraud. You won’t find a better team dedicated to protecting you and your property.


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